We would like to share some of the pictures from the wedding!

The Burlington International Airport has decided to take a leap into the wedding world with its first ever wedding on April 12th 2014! BTV is thrilled to announce that Jackie Watson of VT Enchanted Events, a premier Wedding & Events Planner has signed on to spear head this amazing event! Check out the Seven Days article about it. 

Working alongside VT Enchanted Events will be Event Stylist Jovana Guarino; together they will transform the Burlington International Airport's upper Mezzanine into something no one has ever seen!

The lucky couple who will be getting married on April 12, 2014 are Jamie Walker & Germain Mopa, so let's start our wedding journey with their story. 

Jamie & Germain

by Jovana Guarino

I recently sat down with Jamie and Germain to procure a portrait of who they are as individuals and a couple. As the event designer of their April 12th wedding I wanted to represent their story in its true light as the prelude of this amazing and unique first time event at the Burlington International Airport.

While Jamie was growing up in VT there was a young boy on the other side of the planet with dreams of coming to the United States to play basketball. As echoes of the basketball court lured them both to sleep at night fate began to interlace their lives.

In 1999 Germain realized his childhood dream and traveled from Cameroon, Africa to America for boarding school in Florida. In his senior year he transferred to a prep school in Connecticut.

As Germain's athletic talents were recognized by the University of Vermont Men's Basketball recruits, Jamie's equally amazing talents were recognized for women's college basketball in the US as well as Canada. As Germain moved to Burlington on a basketball scholarship fate was ever patient while the winds of life blew Jamie and Germain in different directions for the next 4 years. Each pursued their education and basketball careers without knowing the other existed.

In 2009 Jamie and Germain had their first date as fate  smiled on.  In 2011 their beautiful daughter Zara was born.

When I asked Germain if VT felt like home he responded that it is his home away from home. " Traveling puts life in perspective " he told me.  "I have spent my adult life in VT. I have respect for the nature here, the healthy lifestyle and the reinforcement of family that a small community embodies."

I asked Jamie what she loves about Germain. With a warm smile she immediately said "Germain's mind. We are yin and yang. He's my exact opposite. He teaches me how to view simple things differently and he is a wonderful father."

Germain expressed his love of Jamie's free spirit and joy of living in the moment. "She is carefree,  very social, friendly to everyone and nice to talk to."

When I asked the couple why they wanted to have their special day at the airport Jamie said "Being the first to do it, I like not fitting in the mold of weddings and I love being creative. But most of all I want to change the perception of a wedding at the airport.

"In the spirit of this beautiful couple I, along with Jackie Watson from VT Enchanted Events, the amazing wedding planner, and all of our brilliant collaborating artists and musicians invite you to the next chapter of the first airport wedding on April 12, 2014."

Jackie Watson - VT Enchanted Events

Jackie Watson is the owner and principal planner of VT Enchanted Events. At VT Enchanted Events her work has been featured in local and national websites, blogs, media, and magazines.  She was honored with the Vermont Association of Wedding professional Member of the year award in Nov 2013 along with the 2013 Best of Weddings from The Knot and 2013 Wedding Wire award.

“The best part about what I do is that I don’t fit into one box that does one style each time. My thoughts on style come from the insights, personalities, & stories of the brides and grooms that I get to work with. It is my job to tell their story like a page turning in a book. I firmly believe that each couple has their own unique style and characteristic and that needs to shine as bright as the sun! The best part of my job is that each wedding gets to be as unique as each couple I get to work with. Each wedding is a new experience and a different challenge and I love challenge!  I love thinking outside the box and honing in on what that couple wants. Each couple will tell me their thoughts and feelings about what they desire for their day and I get to help make that come true!"

Jovana Guarino Stylist

"I have been a freelance designer in the Vermont area for over 30 years. I have designed both commercial and residential space. My other true love is designing custom jewelry. I am in the highest level of myself when interpreting and refining the requirements and wishes of my clients through structural design and the decorative arts.

Great design is an essential element of everyone's life whether on an ornate or minimalist level. The subliminal effects of a brilliant design enlighten, inspire or soothe a soul within the first few visual seconds. Those first impressions and all the moments after are what matter to me. I simply love the joy and power my craft brings into other's lives.

I am infinitely inspired by the evolution of modern design, humbled by the elegance of classical revival and charmed by all the stylized paths between. My personal goal as a designer is to always achieve something I have not yet done with the visual finale as effortless as looking through a fine crystal.


Jamie and Germain were looking for a boarding pass inspired invitation with a touch of city chic for their Airport Wedding this April. Using their color palette of purple and gray, we designed a custom invitation that incorporated their wedding information, a city skyline and plenty of airport elements. We made it a fun way to invite guests (and get excited) for the big event in a really unique way.

Take flight with us on the first ever Burlington International Airport Wedding!

Hello, my name is Jackie Watson and I am the logistics coordinator for this amazing wedding.  When I first heard about BTV throwing a wedding and looking for the right vendors who can think outside the box to carry out the event, I have to admit I wanted in!

As a planner it is by job to do multiple things from lining up the right vendors that fit the couple’s personalities, making sure that we have a proper time line that will flow seamlessly throughout the entire day, and even making sure there is proper electrical outlets that will cover the vendors that we do have. Over 2 pages of endless details all checked off for BTV’s first ever wedding launch, and were almost ready for take-off!

Our Progress with the BTV’s first ever wedding has been nothing short of amazing as we really only had less than 4 months to pull off an amazing event and now with a month left were in the final stages of pulling the floral, décor, & stationary together, all due to the hard work and time put in by Jayson Munn Designs, Event stylist Jovana Guarino, Christa Alexandra designs, a team of local Vermont artists who are outstanding and all listed on this very page along with and amazing team of Vermont wedding pros who have been assembled for 1 big day.  In one months’ time a wedding will come alive like no other, in an airport!

Jackie Watson
VT Enchanted Events

Updates from Jovana Guarino's design team:

As spring rolls within our reach the design team has been very busy mastering the visual setting for the mezzanine where the celebration will unfold.

Dolores Kurjan from Vintage Jewelers on College St. in Burlington has been with the couple since their engagement. Germain presented Jamie with a stunning oval diamond halo ring from Vintage on the stem of a red rose when he asked her to marry him. Dolores completed their circle of love with wedding bands, which they will don on their wedding day for the rest of their lives.

George Reynolds, the creator of lighting ambience has been working out the technical details of hanging a chandelier over the sweetheart table for the last 3 months.

Alice Dunn is painting a wedding art piece, which she and I composed after my interview with Jamie and Germain. She adds a few thousand strokes to her canvas every chance she gets.

Jayson Munn's brilliant floral creations will grace the entire event from the moment the bride walks down the aisle to her first dance with her husband. We continue to collaborate on colors, textures and visions of the NY City rooftop theme.

Linda Fleury the hair and makeup stylist has consulted with the bride over the winter to transform her wedding dreams into a reality.

Paula Banicki, first soprano will sing Ave Maria at the ceremony, and hit a high note for me just the other day.

Gabo and Zani Lewis, the phenomenal string duo are the musicians for the dining hour. They recently gave a concert at my home for Jamie, Germain and Zara so they could "fine tune" the mood of this part of the celebration.

I have chosen a palate of elegant warm tones featuring Jamie and Germain's favorite colors. I will use a soft white surround to define the event area and light direction to visually connect the "air" space on the mezzanine. I will continue to consult with the airport electricians and operational department probably until the moment the guests arrive.

Every precious second from now until April 12th will be precisely choreographed. Stand by for take-off..............!

-Jovana Guarino

Updates from Jovana Guarino

A wedding done from the heart

Jamie is part of my family having gone to school with my children. In the fall of 2013 we began talking about the different options where she could have her wedding. She simply came to me one day with fire in her eyes and asked what I thought of a wedding at the airport. With my best poker face I said "that's an interesting idea" and silently began fast forwarding through challenges one might face in a busy public setting. We decided to do a walk through and instantly my design wheels began to turn. Jamie's excitement was all it took for my total commitment! Germaine's steady and gentle nature left the door wide open to line up at the starting block and wait for the gun!

The heart of the wedding palette is Jamie's favorite color purple. Germaine loves copper and gold tones which I incorporated into the food area. I have chosen neutral pewter tones in the dinning space because of the many existing colors visible from all angles. The colors are elegant warm tones with a surround of soft whites to define the area. I will use light direction to unite the "air" space on the mezzanine and the existing glass wall to create a little privacy for the event.

-Jovana Guarino

Updates from LGR Lighting

I met with George and Lynn this week to finalize the lighting choices for the wedding. George continues to refurbish fabulous pieces that I have hand chosen for this event. Here is a behind the scenes look at George in his shop.

- Jovana Guarino

Updates from Paintings by Alice

Here is a peek of the Artwork that I am doing for the first wedding being held at BTV. This is a few strokes of the thousands that are going into this piece. The actual piece is 5'x 5 1/2 feet. The unveiling will be on April 12. Stay tuned.

Update from Jayson Munn

I could actually smell the blossoms last evening as Jayson and I convened about his floral designs for the wedding. I have taken pause for some of my own design decisions as he and all the other artists choose pathways to their inspirations. It was a breathtaking moment when he unveiled his plan. The collaboration of the artists continues to exhilarate this amazing team.

- Jovana Guarino

Update from Gabo and Zani

These brilliant young musicians have been putting together a dinner hour set for the wedding. They will be staged in the "Gazebo" on the mezzanine for the dining hour playing a mix of classical pieces and Beatles music. When the lights come on in the Gazebo there will be harmony on the mezzanine.

- Jovana Guarino


Let's meet all the amazing industry pro's that will be making this dream wedding happen!

Jayson Munn

For over 20 years, Jayson Munn has designed elegant floral accompaniments for weddings throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and beyond, bringing the bounty of New England’s natural landscape to your special day. Branches, fruits, and flora foraged from the wild compliment blooms harvested from local flower farms and growers. Offering full-service floral event design and styling.


Bevo started as a bold catering company in January of 2009 by Kathleen & Aaron Stine. Our menus offer comfortable food with flair and include many Vermont products.  Bevo has a catering facility at 70 Roosevelt Hwy in Colchester.  The space consists of our off premise food kitchen & a private event space that can accommodate parties of up to 100. We are licensed in the state of Vermont to serve food & alcohol.

Aaron’s pursuit of his epicurean passion began in the early 1990s at Champlain College where he studied Hotel and Restaurant Management. In the years following college, he would manage at various establishments, including the Vermont National Country Club, where he was responsible for the dining room and all events. Later in his career he would open a nationally recognized sandwich shop as part of a franchise investment opportunity.

Kathleen is a 20 year veteran of the food industry. Early in her career, she gained a practical, hands-on understanding of the restaurant business by working in casual and fine dining establishments. She would later get a more formal training at the New England Culinary Institute, earning an associate’s degree in culinary arts in 1999. She would go on to intern at Smokejacks Restaurant, one of Vermont’s most acclaimed eateries, where she was quickly promoted to general manager and continued on for 10 years developing a passion for the localvore movement, spirits and wine.

Bevo’s mission is to provide exceptional cuisine using the best local products available and offering professional, thoughtful service.

Burlington Limousine & Car Service

If you are in search of a premier limousine and personal transportation service in Northwestern Vermont, then turn to Burlington's leading limousine service - Burlington Limousine & Car Service!

Under the management of the owners and staff of Middlebury Transit, Inc., BLS offers the most comprehensive fleet of custom luxury vehicles. Our extensive fleet includes stretch Lincoln limousines, Ford SUV stretches and custom executive vans, Cadillac sedans and Escalades; even a 14 passenger mini-coach for larger groups! We have the equipment and the years of knowledgeable, professional experience to handle your personal transportation needs. We're also the same friendly folks who bring you Vermont Chauffeured Transportation of Stowe.

We have expanded on the value typical limousine services offer. We add our own brand of personalized service, which is second to none. When one of our courteous, professional chauffeurs arrives at your location, you can be assured you will arrive at your destination safely, comfortably and efficiently. Combine that with our sizable fleet and you have the winning luxury transportation team at your service!

Whether your transportation needs are for a wedding, a birthday party, a night on the town or some other special event, we will make your trip as smooth and as pleasant as possible - and for a reasonable cost. So be sure to give us a call or click and we will be happy to help!

Christa Alexandra Designs

Christa Alexandra Designs is a Vermont based studio that provides fine wedding stationery to brides nationally. Brides can work with Christa, owner and graphic designer, to create a truly custom design or choose from our ever growing library of designs featured in our online stationery shop. Our invitation suites are beautifully designed, cohesive packages. Clients choose to have their invitations hand printed on an antique, 1918 vintage letterpress by Christa herself, or take advantage of the traditional route of having the suite digitally flat printed. In addition to wedding invitations, we can create all the day-of materials a bride would need - programs, menus, place cards and more. We are overjoyed to be heading into our fifth season of creating beautiful stationery for brides!

Inky Quills Calligraphy

Luke Cady grew up in the Champlain Islands of Vermont. In college he became interested in hand-lettering as an art form. After spending time abroad in Germany and Thailand, he married Katie Loesel and did all the calligraphy for his own wedding. This gave him the jump start he needed to begin his own calligraphy business.  After running Inky Quills Calligraphy in Boston, he recently moved back to Vermont and works from his home studio in Richmond. When he's not in the studio he enjoys sailing, biking, cooking, hiking, and gardening.

Fountain of Dreams

Amy Leo is a chocolate fountain caterer and personal chef. She has always had an interest in the culinary arts. From a young age she was paying close attention to family recipes, even adding her own touches, and was inspired by the chefs featured on Vermont Public Television. 

As a way to turn her passion for cooking into a career, she started her own personal chef and small catering business. She recently purchased Fountain of Dreams, and has thoroughly enjoyed watching faces of children and adults light up as the dip a delicious treat into the extraordinary chocolate fountain. Amy strongly believes that delectable food such as chocolate is good for the soul.

When Amy is not putting smiles on people’s faces by serving tasty bites dipped in chocolate, or cooking delicious meals, you can find her tending to her garden, hiking, biking or kayaking the beautiful Vermont countryside.

Green Mountain Florist Supply

Vermont’s premier provider of wholesale cut flowers and floral supplies, Serving floral professionals in Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and beyond, for over 30 years.

Julie Richards

I’m Julie C. Richards.  I’ve always had an eye, and a passion, for photography bringing out the best in people, places, and events.  I take pride in thinking differently but have the ability to deliver what you are looking for.

My approach to photography is very simple – photojournalism – I want to tell YOUR story!  I look forward to the opportunity to tell your story of your special occasion.

I’m a native Vermonter.  I reside in Burlington with my husband, two sons, my Chocolate Lab, and Yorkie.

I welcome a photographic adventure anywhere!  Tell me about your next adventure!  You can reach me at (802) 343-9701 or

Looking forward to meeting you! ~ Julie

LGR Associates

George and Lynn Reynolds, have been in the antique business since 2003, specializing in Vintage Lighting from the 1920’s- 1930’s. Our inventory includes, chandeliers, hanging light fixtures, floor lamps, bridge lamps, and table lamps.

George is able to restore the lights by maintaining the original color of the lamp when possible and sealing with a clear coat of paint, or bringing the lamp back to life! At LGR we have various shades of glass, vintage, reproductions, and mostly newly silk shades of various styles, colors, and sizes.

Our travels within the Antique industry have taken us all over the Northeast from Mass to Maine and settling in with our storefront right here in beautiful Vermont. We have so many various lights in our showrooms with possibilities being endless from hanging chandeliers to floor lamps and we invite you to come see them all!

Just recently LGR has made light fixtures from materials of the customers choosing, so if you’re thinking about some lighting in your future come see us.  LGR Associates is a member of the Vermont Antique Dealers Association.

Linda Goodhue Fleury

Linda has been an artistic and editorial hair and make-up designer for the past 30 years in New England. She finds inspiration through nature’s amazing hues and textures, and then creates her interpretations on the canvas of hair.

She has been a Goldwell Senior Educator since 2006, teaching aspiring stylists all over New England the art and science of hair color. She has worked side by side with the Goldwell North American Artistic Team assisting National Guest Artists such as the famous John Simpson, Robert Brown, Dimitrios Tsioumas, and Tiffany Conway.

Linda’s achievements include winning the Regional Partner Category Trendzoom and ColorZoom competitions of 2009 and 2010.  She is currently on the Lead Hair Design Team for the Lyric Theater in the upcoming “Les Miserables” production at the Flynn Theater in April 2014.  She has also worked on fundraising events for the Boys and Girls Club of Burlington, The One Fashion Show.

Linda’s  passion is ignited when working ‘behind the scenes’, creating period hairstyles for Lyric Theater’s “Titanic”, “RENT”, and “Oliver!”;  as well as “Oklahoma!” for Stowe Theater Guild. Her make-up masterpieces come from her trainings with Hollywood celebrity makeup artist Autumn Scruggs, featuring HD TV, High Fashion Photography, and Bridal Makeup.

“I am dedicated to the storyboard of my bridal client. Each chapter of the creative process is a spiritual journey; building up to the crescendo of the moment the bride turns, to see her breathtaking reflection unveiled, capturing the smile and joyous tears it brings.”


Linda creates @ PierVana Hair Spa Jewels,on Shelburne Rd, in South Burlington Visit them at Linda found out there were 9 bridesmaids, she asked her team to help her out, so thanks to Ashley Gagne (Hair), Jennifer Goslovich & Melissa Ratkovits (Makeup), & BrieAnna Cheri Fleury (Rockin' Curling Pro!) for their time and talent!!

Paintings by Alice

Inspired by my mother’s love of art and Vermont’s natural surroundings, I have been an artist since I was 11 years old.  I attended the Shelburne Craft School and was exposed to a variety of different mediums.
Pen & Ink, Acrylic and Oil Paints are my specialties; however, I find that I enjoy creating artwork on almost any surface that inspires me.  My work can be found on ornaments, sap buckets, cement stepping stones, old windows and traditional canvases.

I was thrilled to create the artwork you will see at the wedding.  It once again demonstrates that I love to paint nature scenes on almost any surface.  You can see more of my work on my Facebook page: Paintings by Alice

Katharine Monstream

Katharine Montstream is a landscape painter from Burlington, Vermont. You can find her working on oil and watercolor paintings of the city skyline, the Adirondacks and a defunct former coal burning power plant. Her greeting cards, prints and original work can be seen at her gallery, Montstream Studio, at 129 St Paul Street on City Hall Park in downtown Burlington.

photo credit:  Ben Sarle

Professor Fairbanks

New Englander Peter Fairbanks Miller started classical violin training in Boston at age 7. Early recognition of his exceptional musical abilities encouraged him to pursue a career in music. Peter came to peaceful rural Vermont in 1980 and earned a degree in environmental sciences at UVM.

Peter's first performance at a wedding ceremony in 1986 won him respected membership in the Vermont entertainment community. Though he does teach, his stage name of "Professor Fairbanks" was adopted for fun. He is a master of the violin and related instruments, is accomplished in the styles of jazz, classical, rock, folk, and fiddling, and excels as an improvisational musician. He is also known for playing the 6-string electric violin.

Red Kite Candy

Red Kite Candy was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing you the best confections you can buy. We believe we achieve this through a no-compromise attitude in our ingredients and in the techniques we use to create our candies.  We use no artificial ingredients or preservatives and when possible, we use organic ingredients. All of our cream and milk is produced by an organically-certified dairy in our own corner of Vermont.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

What we produce:
From our fresh Vermont dairy products and world-famous maple syrup, to the care with which we hand-craft each of our caramels and toffees, everything we put into Red Kite assures you a unique taste experience.

How to contact us:
Elaine McCabe
PO Box 118
Thetford, VT
Tel: 802-785-2002
Web site:

Supersounds Entertainment Inc.

Supersounds was established in 1978 by Grant Allendorf.   We provide
DJ services, photobooth services, videography and wedding uplights to Vermont and NH.  We are the top rated entertainment company in VT on and Call Grant Allendorf today at 802-899-2823 or check us out on the web at

Vermont Tent Company

When it comes to creating the day you’ve always dreamed of, it’s good to know the people surrounding you share your dream.

The Vermont Tent Company has been specializing in creating wedding celebrations to remember since 1985. Whether you envision an intimate gathering for 20 or a grand gala for 200, from conception to completion your wedding will be in the hands of the industry’s most talented professionals.

We believe every wedding has its own unique allure – those certain touches that make for a signature affair that’s yours alone. This idea infuses everything we do. From elegant tents, canopies and walkways, down to the finest details – linens and china that showcase your impeccable taste, chiavari chairs, Riedel crystal – our focus is on distinctive, quality selections that reflect your personal style.

We would also like to thank the following for their contributions to this event:

Gayle and Rick Massar from Rags & Riches of South Burlington for the donation of fabricated materials for the wedding art piece. 

UVM for the use of Billings for the ceremony location.

A special thanks is extended to Frank Cioffi for his generosity and support.